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What is a Fluffy?

Is Fluffy a cute and fuzzy creature from outer space with big blue eyes and a button nose who will eat your face off and pick its teeth with your toes? Or is Fluffy a metaphor for sin based on the Book of James when it tells us that desire gives birth to sin and sin, when full grown leads to death?

It’s all in the eye of the beholder!

The Fluffy saga, is, first and foremost, a parody of the sci-fi/horror genre, and all three films were hits at film festivals across the Midwest. Featuring independent film stand outs Erica Goldsmith, Herschel Zahnd III, Sonny Burnette, Ben Wood, and more, Fluffy continues to find new fans on YouTube as well as the INC Channel on Roku.

And yes, Youth Pastors, we have a Bible study guide for this one too.

Watch Fluffy Online:


Fluffy Strikes Back

The Last Temptation of Fluffy


Who is Trish Angel?

Fluffy wasn’t the only popular character to emerge from the films. Trish Angel now has her own spin-off tale!

Years after the Fluffy Wars ended, Stone Brockman has a chance to lead an interstellar expedition, but a fluke accident may cost him and his team their spot. His only hope: Trish Angel, a former astronaut turned nun turned gun-for-hire, has returned to the convent to assuage her guilt over killing so many aliens. Stone offers her the chance to find peace and refuge far beyond our solar system, but neither of them could anticipate the new alien menace awaiting them on a new world!

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