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Everyone ignored him when he was alive.

But no one could ignore him once he was gone.

Few people knew the boy named Adam Krieger. Fewer knew him enough to care when he committed suicide. The sad truth is that no one would have given him a second's thought if he hadn't called them all out, naming names in a suicide note posted on the Internet.

Adam's Letter is a story of a young man's final words, and the impact they have on those left behind. This play is a challenge to students everywhere to wake up to the hurting around them. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone... but you'll never find anyone to help unless you first make yourself available to others.

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Adam’s Legacy

A companion play aimed at students and their parents. Kimmy Vanover's parents are horrified when their daughter's name appears in Adam's suicide note. But Kimmy has a much larger problem, one that will challenge the whole family and force them to come together. Both plays are on the Script page, royalty-free.

The Waiting Room

Another high school becomes a statistic when a hurt and angry student brings a gun to school and opens fire. Trapped in a place between life and death, the victims come face to face with one another and their would be killer. Inspired by the Columbine massacre, a tragic but powerful look at the causes of school violence and the one thing that might turn the tide – love.